Educational Scholarship Outreach Program


The NWAC Educational Scholarship Outreach Program (ESOP) was established to provide complimentary tuition at NWAC conventions for anesthesiologists from developing countries (Click here for List) to attend all didactic and workshop sessions as part of complimentary registration. A scholarship is typically awarded to colleagues with a history of academic involvement or a strong educational commitment. A total of 30 scholars are selected annually from a long list of promising applicants. Candidates are required to provide a CV alongside a personal statement demonstrating their motivation and their plans to spread the knowledge they have gained. A letter of recommendation from a member of their faculty or department chair at the professor rank strengthens the application. This is the 7th year that the NWAC is featuring an Educational Scholarship Outreach Program and we hope to continue this tradition and attract many more scholars from the developing world who demonstrate excellence and ambition in their field.

ESOP Applications for the 7th NWAC will open September 21, 2015

Accepted applicants will not be entitled to any accommodation or travel allowance whatsoever

2015 ESOP Attendees with Faculty Members and Colleagues
ESOP 2013

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