Learning Objectives

 Critically appraise current evidence based literature to identify intra-operative strategies to avoid post-operative complications in cardiac anesthesia in order to improve patient outcomes.
 Critically evaluate up to date literature and newest developments in regional anesthesia and local anesthetics to improve the rate of cancer recurrence after surgical intervention.
 Incorporate current best practice guidelines into own clinical setting, based on lessons learned from the UK National Audit Project on awareness during general anesthesia to decrease the incidence of this potentially severely debilitating complication.
 Achieve improved functional outcome in patients with chronic pain syndromes by practicing diagnostic ultrasound skills on models and utilizing current best practice guidelines on interventional and pharmacological management.
 Adopt new fluid and coagulation management protocols for patients with severe trauma in order to improve survival after multiple severe injuries.
 Develop a thorough understanding of indications and limitations of extracorporeal organ supportin patients with life-threatening organ dysfunction in Intensive Care through reviewing current practice guidelines and literature, in order to incorporate into own clinical setting.


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